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Nikole Lebron

Nikole is our newest team member and has been at Animal Clinic 192 for 2 years now. She is both a receptionist and veterinary assistant. She completed her education at Valencia College and the Florida Institute of Animal Arts just before beginning work with our hospital. She always wanted to be involved in the veterinary field because she wants to improve the well-being of animals by helping them to live happier, healthier lives. She has become a great asset to our veterinary team!

Nikole is single. She owns several pets at home, including a 3-legged cat named Midna (or Mimi as she affectionately calls her), a chi-weenie named Arya, a bearded dragon named Hagrid, two soft-shell turtles, and a small colony of 5 rescued cats, which is always growing. She is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.